We have celebrated Addie’s first birthday.  On Sunday we had family and friends over to share in cake eating and sweets.   Of course all eyes were on Addie as she ate her cake.


I was expecting Addie to get into her cake a little more than what she did.  she ended up only eating the icing.  She was still pretty messy.


I’m sure she was running on a sugar high the rest of the day.



She had her check up today and everything is great.  We were once again reaffirmed what we already knew, that she is a petite little girl.   Her percentages are 30 for height, 20 for head, and 15 for weight.  We were also given the go ahead to slowly introduce corn back into her diet (you can read more about that from a previous post here).   Addie is also ahead on getting some of her teeth.  Her doctor was surprised to see molars coming in already as were we when we saw one poking through her gums last week.  She is just growing up too fast.

I guess we can now officially say we have a toddler in our house.