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ImageAren’t these cute?  I decided we needed a hand and foot print craft; especially since I haven’t really done any crafts with Addie yet.  I have seen similar angels to this one, but it was a few years ago and I can’t remember where I saw it.


This is a pretty simple and fast craft to do.  I’m sure you can figure out how to make this without instructions, but here they are anyway.

Supplies needed:

  • construction paper to put the prints on and a scrap for the head
  • white and yellow finger paint (any color could be used)
  • gold glitter
  • glue
  • paint brush
  • scissors
  • marker
  1. First take off socks and shoes to expose their cute little piggies.  I rolled up pant legs so not to get paint on that too.  Then using a paint brush you will paint one foot.  Have them press their foot onto the paper, lift it up and you will have the angels body.  Have your child sprinkle glitter onto the foot print before the paint dries.  Our paint dried pretty fast so the glitter didn’t stick very well.  Side note: we used black paper because my thinking was that it was at night when the angels came to the shepherds so we used yellow and white so they would ‘glow’.
  2. After the foot is washed off the real fun begins.  The hands!  We used white paint on the hands.  Using a paint brush paint one hand and then press the hand onto the body of the angel.  The hands make the wings.  Wash the hand and then repeat with the other.  You can add glitter to the wings too if you want.  We didn’t.  I thought glitter on the body was just enough.
  3. When the paint has dried you can cut it out or you can leave as is.  You will cut out a circle from your scrap paper.  This will be the head.  We glued on the head and the made the face.  We then put a curved line of glue on top of the head for the halo.  Sprinkle glitter onto the glue.



Addie loved the feel of the paint on her toes and she kept wanting to squish the paint in her hands.  I’m thinking I need to have her paint more.  I think she would really like to finger paint I just need to make some that won’t hurt her if she eats it.Image

Next week I hope to share with you an ornament you can make with your little ones.