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We went to story time at the library and do you know who stopped by to read to the kids?    Here is a clue.


We knew he was going to take time out of his busy schedule to stop by.  Sofia had been wanting to tell Santa what she wants for Christmas.  She had to sit nicely through story time before she could talk to him.



While Sofia was sitting nicely listening to the story and singing songs Addie maybe payed attention for a minute.



Addie had better things to do than to sit and listen to a story.  Like taking books off a bookcase and moving them to a table.


And then back again.  She did this routine over and over again.  It was nap time so I think she was really trying to keep herself awake.


Santa talked a lot and for a long time.  I could tell Sofia was ready to get this show on the road to talk to him.  Sofia gets a little shy around adults so I wasn’t sure if she would actually talk to him or not.  She did talk to him and told him that she wanted a frog, but not a real one.


It was fun seeing Santa and now Sofia just has to wait a little bit longer for Christmas.