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To go along with our ocean theme for the week we read Eric Carle’s House for Hermit Crab.  I chose this book mostly because we have it, but also we are huge Eric Carle fans in this house.


We did a House for Hermit Crab preschool pack by 3 Dinosaurs.  Sofia enjoyed putting the cards in order of events.  She first tried without peeking into the book, but she ended up looking towards the end.

I had Sofia paint a hermit crab and decorate its shell.  You can find the printable here.



She did such a good job of painting in the lines.  I was pretty impressed.


I think by the time she got to the hermit’s shell she was ready to be done so she didn’t decorate it as well as I thought she would.



There are more fun activities found here for the book that I would have liked to have gotten to, but we ran out of time.