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I was browsing Pinterest for some other ocean ideas and I came across the ocean in a bottle.  The blog I got the idea from is here at Ten Kids and a Dog.


It is super easy to make.

  • Take a 1 liter bottle and fill half way with water.
  • Squeeze a few drops of blue food coloring or if your child is like Sofia a lot of drops.  Add some glitter if you like.
  • Fill the rest of the way, leaving two inches from the top, with vegetable oil.  Put the cap back on and shake and observe away.


When we were done Sofia tells me it is pretty and sparkly.


When you shake the bottle up you can see the waves and foam just like the ocean.  Also when you just let the bottle be still you can see the water go from light at the top to dark at the bottom, again like the ocean.  This was a fun little activity.  Addie even played with the bottle at the table while I was fixing lunch.


Now you can make your own ocean in a bottle.