I thought I would have all this time to play catch up last week and this one, but with all the busyness of Christmas, not being home, and taking care of sick little ones I haven’t been able to blog.  Once again I am going to try to play catch up the rest of this week.  So here is a quick post on our Christmas.

We haven’t really come up with a family tradition for Christmas yet.  We have always spent Christmas somewhere besides home.  So, this year we decided we wanted to be home on Christmas morning.  It was nice to sleep in a little and then wake up and open presents with just the four of us.  We bought the girls matching pj’s and had them open them on Christmas Eve and they wore them to bed that night.  Sofia really likes her new ‘jammies because it has cupcakes on it.


There was really just one thing Sofia asked for for Christmas.  She wanted a frog, but not a real one.  Really how could we not get that for her?


When she opened her frog she said, “this is just what I asked for!”  She is just too cute!

Before Christmas we went to my in-laws.  The girls got to see their uncles, aunt, cousins, and of course papa and ma.  While all the kids were dressed up in their Sunday best we wanted to get their picture taken.  Sofia of course did not want her picture taken so there was a lot of crying and she was not in the picture.  Here is the best picture I got of four of the kids.

Image  I really like this photo and I really wish Sofia would have cooperated.  It really does break my heart that she will not be in family pictures like this.  That is life with a strong willed child.

After we spent a coupe days at my in-laws we spent Christmas Eve with my family.  The girls once again got to see their uncle, aunts, cousins, grandparents, great grandparents, great aunt, and second cousin on my side.  We had fun opening presents, eating, and playing games and going to the candle light service at church.  The night ended with the girls getting dressed in the new ‘jammies and we took the hour and half drive home so we could sleep in our own beds that night.  Then before we knew it Christmas was over.