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We decided to get away for the day.  Just the four of us.  We ended up going to Springfield.  We first made a few stops in Springfield, but we went to see the museums.  Brian and I went to the Abraham Presidential Museum a few years ago (we highly recommend going if you haven’t been already), but Brian had never been to the State Museum and it had been forever since I had been there so we thought we would go there.

ImageWe ended up getting to Springfield late because our oldest decided to be stubborn and not do as she was told.  We ended up only getting to spend an hour at the museum.  That was kind of a bummer since that was the whole point of going.  I guess that just means we will have to make another trip over there.

The girls really enjoyed it.  Sofia loved seeing all the rocks and fossils which is good because that is all we got to see before they closed.  Addie enjoyed running around.  I guess one perk of going an hour before they close is there are not very many people there.


They had these drawers that can be pulled out with rocks and fossils in them under plexiglass.  It was nice that it was right at the girl’s level that they could really look at them closely.

ImageSofia thought this was pretty cool.  She was really hoping to see dinosaur bones though.


I wish this picture turned out better.  Sofia was really enjoying herself.  I’m so glad she loves going to museums.  I think most kids her age would have been bored, but not her.  She is so curious and loves to learn.

ImageI will end with my favorite picture from the day.