I get asked often about what projects I am sewing up and to be honest my sewing machine has been kind of quiet lately.  I did sew a few things up for my little nieces.  I made this  softie for my five month old niece.


She is a cross between a gnome and a matryoshka doll so she is a gnome matryoshka softie.  Really you can’t go wrong with a gnome or a matryoshka right? I think she turned out pretty cute.  She has a cute, sweet, little face.  I am really not that good at embroidery, but I must say I am greatly improving.


I made the pattern myself and I do plan on sharing it with you all, but I do need to tweak it a little before I do.  I am just now venturing in to making my own patterns so please be patient with me.  This one did not turn out bad,  I am just not fully 100% happy with it.

Here are a few pictures of the softies cut out ready to be sewn.  Originally it did not have a heart, but I thought the softie needed something.  The polka dots just seemed like it was missing something.  So the heart was added.



I also added lace to the bottom to help separate the two fabrics.


I am making the second softie for Addie, but I think I am going to make the changes before I sew her up.  Hopefully I can share the pattern with you soon.