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I saw this on another blog, No Time for Flashcards. I thought it was kind of cute and decided to use it for our giraffe week.  I also thought it could be something Addie could do with us.  I sometimes have a hard time keeping her occupied while we are doing school.  We try to get as much done as we can during her morning and afternoon naps.  I know soon enough she is going to be dropping the morning nap though so I have been compiling a list of things to include her in our school day.  That is another post for another time though.


All you do for this craft is get an assortment of plastic toy animals and dip their feet in the paint and use the animals as a stamp.  The only animals we have are the little people animals.  Our animal’s foot prints all look the same, but the girls didn’t care.



I had only used paint a few times with Addie and I really need to let her explore with it more.  She was loving this craft!  Her hands were covered in red paint!  Squishing the paint between her fingers was just so funny to her.


Since hands and definitely animals were all painty we went straight to the kitchen to give hands and the animals a scrub.


I put a big bowl of soapy water on the floor and I let the girls do the cleaning.  Then our dog and one of our cats had to come over and check out what we were doing.


Playing in the water was an added bonus!  Enjoy your own little creations.