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IMG_5090I’m always trying to come up with simple activities to keep our little Addie busy.  I decided to try this simple activity with her.  I wasn’t sure if she would try to put the pom poms in her mouth or not or really show any interest in it.

This activity is simple to put together.  I used a yogurt tub and I just cut a hole in the lid.  She can now put the pom poms through the hole and the pom poms simply fall into the tub.



This actually peeked her interest for quite awhile.  She played with it for five minutes or so and went off to do something else and then she came over to me with the tub so I could get the pom poms out for her.  She then played with it even longer that time.  Score!  We now have a simple new toy.

Another variation of this when she is a little older is cutting several holes into the lid and each hole outlined in a different color.  She will then drop the pom pom through the hole that matches the color of the pom pom.

Of course we couldn’t have pom poms lying on the floor without a cat wanting to play with them.