Four years ago we were blessed with little Sofia Mae and we got to celebrate that on Wednesday.  We had fun making her day special.  The morning started off with a waffle for breakfast by her request, some cartoons, and then lots of playtime.  On Wednesdays we have another little girl come and spend a few hours with us so when she left we went to McDonalds for a late lunch.  I got Sofia a happy meal which we never get and so when she opened her bag she says really loud and excited, “I got a toy!”  I’m so glad it doesn’t take much to make her happy.


When we got home and laid Addie down for a nap Sofia and I made her birthday cake.  Since we are going to have cake on Saturday and Sunday I wanted something different.  I know our little girl loves cookies.  Chocolate chip cookies to be exact.  I decided to make her a double layer chocolate chip cookie cake with pink and white icing.



Upon her request I made tomato soup for supper that night.  I must say the soup was delicious and I never thought homemade tomato soup would be so simple.  I will be making it again and yes I will share.


I think she had a pretty special day.