These two girls crack me up.  Most of the time Sofia and Adeline get a long really well.    Sofia thinks Addie is just the funniest and Addie adores her big sister.  These two don’t always get a long together.  I mean, they are sisters.  There is going to be fighting, but my prayer is that they will truly be the best of friends.  Here are the pictures of the girls from our photo shoot I took a couple of weeks ago.  They completely show their different personalities.


I absolutely love these next few!




This last picture shows off their skirts I had made them and of course those sparkly shoes.  I was not 100% pleased with the way Sofia’s skirt turned out.  I made it after I put the girls to bed and nothing I sew up at night turns out well.  I don’t know why I keep doing it.  Addie’s skirt on the other hand turned out perfect.  I made hers during one of her naps.


There you have it.  Our silly sisters!