For some reason snowy days put me in the mood for baking.  I started baking on Thursday before it even started snowing, but I knew it was coming.  It was just a cold grey day and we knew we were in for a snow storm.  So that morning I set to baking.

I made two loaves of bread.


Isn’t this bread beautiful?  It is Farm House Sandwich bread.  I like this recipe a lot.  It is one of the easiest sandwich breads I have found to make.  I ate way too much when it was right out of the oven.  I have a weakness for warm freshly made bread.   I love the way our house smells when bread is baking in the oven.


I’m not a big bread maker, but when we found out Addie had to go corn free I started making our bread.  Most store bought breads have some form of corn in them.  Usually it is corn syrup.  Then when we found out she had to be gluten free I kind of stopped making bread all together.  We don’t go through bread like we used to.  Every once in a while though I like to make it.

I also made gluten free vanilla wafers.


I got the recipe off of Weelicious and then used NOW brand gluten free baking mix in place of all purpose flour.  Since I used different flour they don’t taste much like vanilla wafers.  Ours have a nutty flavor to them due to the almond flour in the baking mix.  Addie loves them though and I have to cut her off after two.  I think she would keep eating and eating them.

Have you ever seen or heard of Weelicious?  Hopefully I’m not the last person to have heard of it.  I stumbled upon the site and I am now hooked.  There are so many great recipes that are easy and of course kid friendly.  I do have to turn quite a bit into gluten free, but I can’t wait to try some more recipes.  I just may have to look into getting the book too.

That was my snow day baking.  I had thought about baking more, but during Addie’s nap I decided to watch Downton Abbey instead.