Last Friday Brian had a snow day!  There was pretty much no way he was going to make it out to his uncles for work because of all the snow.  For the most part the roads were clear, but out in the country where his uncle lives was most likely a different story.

The girls had fun out in the snow.  Addie found out that it was hard to walk in the snow; she thought that was no fun.  I pulled the girls around in the sled and then Addie and I went inside to warm up.  Addie would not leave her mittens on so her little hands were frozen.



Addie wasn’t so sure about the sledding.  She was holding on for dear life and then I scooted her back so she was leaning up against Sofia and that helped a little bit.  I could still tell she was a little nervous.



After Addie and I came inside we were watching Sofia outside with daddy.  Our dog really wanted to go outside too.


We are having another snow day today.  As we speak Brian and Sofia are out making a snow castle!  I will show pictures later.