Sofia is greatly enjoying dance class this year.  She takes a combination class of tap, ballet, and tumbling.  We get to watch the last fifteen minutes of class and lately they have been doing tumbling at that time.  She does pretty good, but she really needs to practice.  The picture above is her doing her bridge.  She can almost lift her head up off the floor like she is supposed to.  She needs to build up those muscles in her arms.   Adeline wants to get down from our laps so bad and do tumbling with the girls.  She tried to do a somersault the other day at home after watching Sofia doing it.  She can’t do it, but man in a couple months after watching Sofia doing it over and over she is going to have it down.  In the fall she will be able to be in pre-tumbling which I’m sure she is going to love.

I have video too, but it isn’t working.  I’ll keep trying and hopefully you all can see her do somersaults and more.