I have decided to share some pictures that I have taken with my phone.  I have always been one to just take pictures with my camera, but I have decided that I am missing out on great stuff.  Wonderful photo opportunities were just passing me by all because I felt I needed my camera to take those pictures.  I have decided to be more active and use my phone.  Here are some recent pictures I have captured.  While I was looking through the pictures I realized all of them are of Addie.

These two pictures were taken a couple weeks ago at Hobby Lobby.  Addie decided she was going shopping by herself.


I just find these pictures funny.


We have hit the terrible fit throwing stage.  If she doesn’t get her way the tears start to come and there is no calming her down.  If I try to calm her down the fit gets worse.  I just let her throw her fit and when she is done she is fine and moves on to something new.

Addie3 April 28, 2013

Addie2  April 28, 2013

Adeline loves playing with baby dolls.  She plays with them off and on all day long and if Sofia is playing with ‘her’ doll she does not like that.  The doll she likes to play with is my doll from when I was little.  I’m glad she attached herself to that one and not Sofia’s bitty baby.

Addie4 April, 2013

These boots!  She loves wearing these rain boots.  She has me put them on her at least once a day.

Addie April 28, 2013

There you have it.  My pictures of Addie.