The girls could easily eat a whole package of blueberries in one sitting.  They absolutely love them and I am so glad they do, but I don’t love the price of blueberries.  They are so expensive so this year we decided to add blueberry bushes.  We planted four of them and we are really hoping they do well.  We know this year we won’t have any, but in the next couple years we hope to have the bushes full of berries.  Our hope any way.

The girls had fun ‘helping’.  They played in the dirt more or less than really helping.  Sofia’s found from down the street came over too to ‘help’.  It was also spitting rain when they were getting planted.  The dirt was almost on the verge of being mud.  I love having girls that aren’t afraid to get dirty.



Squirmy worms were found too.  The girls had fun playing with them.



Dirt is just so much fun to play in.  I will share more about our garden with you all later.