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What can I say?  There really aren’t enough words to describe this little girl of ours.  She is so much fun and always busy.  Her big sister is her hero and she loves yelling at daddy when he is outside and she is inside because you know how dare he be outside without her.  Speaking of outside.  She loves outside.  Play time outside is her favorite part of the day I’m sure.  Addie makes the funniest faces and she loves being the center of attention.  The other morning while eating her yogurt (she gets so excited when she sees me pull out the yogurt from the frig) all eyes were on her and she was eating it up (pun not intended).




Isn’t her smile just great?  I just love her so much.  She is getting so good at using a spoon.  Practice makes perfect!





I have been uneasy about her using a spoon by herself while eating yogurt because I thought she was going to make a huge mess, but she came out pretty clean.  It is fun having a toddler.