We celebrated our 6th anniversary a week ago today.  It is hard to believe that it has only been six years.  We decided our first year of marriage that we would always go somewhere just the two of us on our anniversary.  We haven’t always been able to get away for a long weekend mini vacation in the past, but this year we were able to go to Michigan.  Just the two of us thanks to my in-laws for watching the girls.


We spent the weekend with our toes in the sand at some sand dunes around Lake Michigan.  For some reason we are drawn to that lake.  We went to Door County on our honeymoon and then last year for family vacation we went just across the boarder into Wisconsin and spent time on some beaches along the lake.  The sand dunes though were nothing like I had seen before or at least Silver Lake Sand Dunes aren’t.  It is huge and pretty amazing.  When you are on top of the dunes all you see is hills and hills of sand.




We camped on Thursday and Friday nights and it rained both nights.  We did stay dry, but Thursday night the wind was extremely strong.  We felt like we might fly away with our tent.  After two sleepless nights a night in a hotel was wonderful.  We had planned on spending a night in a hotel on our last night and it felt great to sleep in a real bed.  Our air mattress ended up having a hole in it somewhere so by morning we were on the ground.  Anyway we got to see a beautiful sunset over Silver Lake.


The sand dunes are situated between Silver Lake and Lake Michigan so it makes this place kind of unique I think.  We camped along Silver Lake.  On Saturday morning I got up before Brian, so I took my breakfast and read a book along the bank.  I saw all kinds of wildlife enjoying the lake.  It was nice to just have some quiet time to begin my day.

On Saturday we were actually hoping to spend the day on the beach along Lake Michigan, but it was so cold and windy.  It was by far the coldest day while we were there.  We went and saw a light house and then we made our way to Grand Rapids were we spent the night and did a dinner and a movie.



It was nice to get away just the two of us, but we were glad to get home and see our girls.