We have grown to love our little garden.  Sofia will start talking about our garden in February when there is a foot of snow on the ground.  We have decided this year to make some nice plant markers.

Photo May 17, 11 59 33 AM

To make these plant markers you need:

Wooden spoons (we got a a package of 8 for $0.80 at wal-mart)

Sharpie Markers

Minwax Spar Urethane Clear satin and make sure it is for outdoors (that’s just what we used you can use something similar?)

I had Sofia draw a  picture on each spoon with a sharpie and then we wrote what the picture was.  Then I took them outside and we sprayed them with the spar urethane.  I sprayed them three times on each side.  When they were dry we stuck them in the ground in front of the fruit or veggie it represented.


These have been through so much rain and they are still holding up.  I think they are a nice addition to our garden this year and we will be able to use them next year.


We have been out picking strawberries at least once a day this past week.  The girls love having a snack of strawberries freshly picked from the garden.  Yesterday as I was picking them and placing them in the basket Addie was taking them out of the basket and taking a bite and throwing the rest of the strawberry on the ground.  The ground was covered in half eaten strawberries.  Her face was also covered in red strawberry juice.  She was loving it!



We have also enjoyed a salad out of our lettuce and spinach already.  Yum!