We went to the Snake Alley Art Fair in Burlington, Iowa on Sunday.  It is a pretty neat place.  There are a lot of vendors with many interesting, really good, and just plain fun art.  Sofia got to make a wind chime out of a paper plate.  It is actually pretty neat and I thought about make another one for a craft sometime, but a little bit different.  Really though, I couldn’t pass up this superb place for taking pictures.  I was really hoping to get pictures of our girls together, but that didn’t happen.  The girls were even wearing the same style of dress.  I was actually asked many times if I had made the girls dresses.  They are actually from Old Navy, but I love them so much that I have thought about replicating them.  We will see how ambitious I get.  Anyway, I was actually doing good getting pictures of the girls by themselves.  It was a good time and the girls were completely worn out at the end of the day.

This doorway was the perfect backdrop for photos.  I just wish Sofia would cooperate better.  I would have gotten different poses out of her, but it took a lot just to convince her to stand there.  I had thought about taking pictures of Addie there too, but knowing her she probably would have tried jumping down or something.




I was also able to get a really good photo of Sofia along a wall of ivy.


I managed to get some pictures of Adeline too.  She just doesn’t like to hold still long enough.  Once she realizes she is center of attention though, she eats it up.  These pictures speak volumes of her personality.

Addie Collage




So many neat little places for pictures.  I would like to go back sometime and get pictures of both the girls together.  Until then I cherish these pictures.  I can’t wait to get some of them up on the wall in frames.