We deiced not to put up our big pool this year.  I’m not sure if it was out of sheer laziness or we just really haven’t had the time this summer.  Either way it is not up and really the girls don’t care.  I did buy a little kiddie pool just the right size for both girls to sit in and play.  We have had three in there and it is a little tight, but the girls don’t mind.  I don’t think they notice.


Isn’t Addie the cutest little thing?  She is such a stinker, but she knows how to use her cuteness and charm to get out of trouble.

Anyways, the girls have fun filling buckets, emptying buckets over and over again.


Sofia kept looking away and hiding from the camera so all you are going to get to see is Adeline.




Summer just seems to be going by too fast.