We took a long weekend vacation to Branson with Brian’s family this past weekend.  Besides going to Silver Dollar City we saw the musical Joseph which was really good.  We were hoping Addie would take a nap during the play and she finally stopped fighting it and fell asleep the last 45 minutes or so.  Sofia really enjoyed the play and got really excited when she saw the live animals.

I really didn’t have my camera with me, but when we went to Silver Dollar City I most definitely had my camera with me.  This was the girls first time going to an amusement park and their first time riding rides.  The first ride we hit up was the carousal.  Addie really liked it.  I went on it with her a second time and when I got her down from her horse she ran to another one wanting me to put her up on it.



Sofia also rode on the swings two times.  The first time she was the only one on the ride.  She absolutely loved the swings.



We also rode on a butterfly and caterpillar ride.  If you push the button in the front seat it makes your caterpillar or butterfly go up in the air.  Well, Sofia has a fear of heights so you might guess were we stayed.  We did go up in the air a few times, but we never stayed up long.



Addie is more or less fearless so going high didn’t bother her.



Then the girls and Brian went on the hopping frog ride.  Addie looks completely bored, but I think she was just really tired.  Soon after this ride she gave in and fell asleep in the stroller.


One thing the girls did and loved was a screened in room with balls.  Addie loves playing with balls anyway so she was really liking this.  She could have spent hours putting the balls up the tubes.  After we left  to eat lunch she was kept saying balls, balls.  She wanted to go back.



The last thing we did was ride the train.  The girls both really enjoyed the ride and I think if it was just a little bit longer Addie would have fallen asleep.  She was so relaxed sitting on her daddy’s lap.




It was a fun trip and it was so nice to spend some time with family.