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Yep, that time of year again.  It really seems that  summer was just getting started and then before we know school starts back up.  Sofia was ready.  While I was getting things ready for the weeks ahead of school starting Sofia was wondering why we hadn’t been doing school.  I tried explaining that in the summer we don’t have school.  She really didn’t like that answer.  Sofia would be satisfied with year round school I think.  This year we are doing a combination of preschool and kindergarten.  She is flying through her math book that we got her (it is kindergarten level), but i think as we get farther along it will start getting a little harder and start challenging her (I hope).  She takes after her daddy though and loves doing math.  I think she would finish half the big book in a day if I let her.  We are also doing BOB books.  I love these for beginning reading.  She read to us the first book of set 1.  I was thinking it might take us longer to get it down, but nope.  I should know not to underestimate what this girl knows.  She is ready to move on to book 2!

When school started back up again everyone was asking her if she liked her teacher, if she liked school (We started a week after the schools in town started) and her answer was yes.  Then I would politely tell them that she is being homeschooled right now.  I remember when I was Sofia’s age I didn’t go to preschool and many of my peers never went to preschool, but now it is the norm and so when I say that she stays home, people don’t seem to understand why.  I’m all for teachers and schools they are all good and important, but we feel that it is our job to teach our kids.  I’m not saying Sofia will always be homeschooled, but right now where we live we don’t have any options, but public schools.  Don’t take that as I don’t like public schools.  I went to a public school from 2nd grade on.  Brian and I decided when Sofia was very young that we wanted to send our children to a Christian school.  The school we were planning on sending our kids to closed down due to lack of funds and students.  We were bummed, but decided that we would move to plan B.  Homeschool.  I never thought I would be a homeschooling mom.  I was always against it.  I thought kids who were homeschooled were awkward and antisocial.  Boy was I wrong!   I have gotten to know some great families that homeschool and my perspective has definitely changed!  It is amazing what a little education can do on a topic.

I don’t know who reads my blog or how many people actually read it, but I know this can be a pretty hot topic.  I don’t mean to open a can of worms or say one way of schooling is better than another.  This is just what we have decided and it is what we feel is best for our family.