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I have been struggling to keep Addie busy while Sofia and I work on school, but Addie insists on doing school like Sofia.  I was planning on waiting a year till we started tot school with her, but guess what?  We have started.  I have a curriculum book from a while ago for toddlers and twos that I am using, The Complete Resource Book for Toddlers and TwosIt’s meant for a day care setting, but we make it work.  Addie is very much into body parts right now so that is what we have been going through.  So if she walks up to you and shows you her belly don’t be alarmed.  She is just showing off her belly button and most likely she will want to see yours too.  We are trying to work on when it is appropriate and when it isn’t to show our belly’s.

Anyway, last week was nose.  We read two books about noses, Arthur’s Nose by Marc Brown and The Nose Book by Al Perkins.  I chose these two books because we already had them so there really wasn’t any special reason why I chose them.  We also talked about how God is the one who made our noses.  It kind of goes along with what she has been learning in Sunday school at church.  They are learning about creation, but also going through their body parts and talking about how God made them.

One activity that we did that Addie loved was feed the elephant.


This took me no time at all to make.  All I did was take a paper plate and made a face on it.  I added a toilet paper tube for the nose and cut out two ears from construction paper.  The tp tube I just cut slits all the way around on the bottom and bent them out and taped them down.  Addie used small pom poms to drop down the elephants nose.



This activity is in the curriculum book, but Addie enjoyed this activity so much I had to share.  She played with this all week long.