I’m a fan of autumn in September and October, but once November hits we get winter like weather and I am not a fan of winter.  We did though have excellent temperatures one weekend this month.  Brian had to work that weekend so the girls and I went and spent Saturday in Lincoln.  They got to see their cousins and grandparents.  It was just a beautiful day to spend outside and we spent a lot of time outside that day.


We spent the morning running around at a park.  The kids had a blast.  They actually had pictures taken and the kids behaved so well.  I was proud of all of them.


Addie loved going down the slide.  I think partly because of the climb up.  I think she felt like such a big girl.  I helped her the first several times up the ladder, but soon she had it down and only needed me spotting her.


There is also a house that the girls had fun playing in.  It was Sofia’s house, but she let Addie visit her.




It would have been better if daddy could have spent the day with us too, but we made the best of it.