In case you haven’t heard we are expecting a boy!  We are excited (we would be excited for a girl too) to meet him and we really only have 11 more weeks to go.  Really?!  This pregnancy I think has been the best so far and it will be my last (we plan to adopt our next child/children).  I enjoy feeling our little boy punch and kick for really that is all he does.  It is amazing how even in the womb you can get a feel for how their personality might be.  Sofia was content in one place with the occasional rolling around, but she wasn’t very active at all in the womb and you can see that in her personality today.  She is very quiet and easily entertains herself.  Adeline on the other hand I knew was going to be a spitfire and boy is she.  That girl never stopped moving in the womb and she hasn’t stopped moving yet.  This baby boy of ours seems to be in between the two girls.  He isn’t super active, but he isn’t content just being quiet either.  No matter what his little personality will be he will be greatly loved.


This isn’t the best picture.  I also didn’t realize how dirty our mirror was.  With a dog and two little girls always checking themselves out in the mirror it doesn’t take long to get dirty.  Anyway I am 29 weeks in this picture with just eleven more to go.  I haven’t made it past 38 weeks though so we will see.  I think everyone is expecting him to come early including doctor and midwife.  I keep thinking there is still so much to get done, but really no.  He has a crib, bassinet, blankets, and some clothes.  We will be ready for him when he chooses to come.