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Both of our girls were late talkers.  Sofia is more of a perfectionist so it seemed fitting that she wanted to be able to say words perfectly before she said them.  Adeline on the other hand I think just felt she really didn’t need to talk.  She has been pretty good at telling us what she wants without really saying a word.  Lately though her speech has exploded.  I thought it would be fun to let you know how she says some words.  There are a few words I have no idea where the connection is between the original word and her word, but we know what she is talking about.

Tanner our dog – Whowho (this is one where we do not know why she calls him Whowho)

Pacifier- Awaw (I think this is just her being lazy)

Blankie- Blangblang

Have you noticed she likes to repeat the first part of the word.  Even words she knows and says clearly she adds the same word to the end of the word.  Like MINE is MINEMINE and GO is GOGO.

Then there are phrases that she is always saying and it is just too cute.

Oh man!


Hi Ho!

And like so many other kids she loves the song Let it Go, but that is all she knows to say.  So she just repeats let it go when she sings it.

She is certainly a joy and I am so glad she is starting to talk more.  It makes it a little easier to communicate.

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