Sorry I haven’t blogged lately.  It seems it keeps getting pushed back and forgotten about.  Busyness of doing life does that I guess.  I really like blogging and I have been trying to decide for quite a while now how I want this blog to be.  I have actually been thinking about this very post for weeks.  Crazy I know.  I have been though and here is what I have decided.  I am going to keep up with all the family stuff, but I would also like to dig deeper and start blogging on being a stay at home mom, wife, childcare provider, and teacher.  My biggest concern though is how can I make my blog better if I can’t even keep up with simple little family things we do.  My solution is time management.  I am terrible at it.  Always have been.  A big goal for myself is to really work on that.  I do so much better if I plan out my day hour by hour.  I know sounds like a pain.  It is kind of, but my day goes so much smoother if I do.  I need a plan of action for my day or it just seems my day does not go well.  I used to be really good about planning my time, but again the busyness of doing life pushed all my planning to the side.  Blogging will be written into my schedule and most likely will be done during nap time.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHow about this cutie?  He is nine months old now!  Time is just ticking away too fast.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd then seriously can these two get any sweeter?  I absolutely love everything about this picture.

So, there ya go.