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Adeline loves playing with play dough.  She can spend all day off and on playing with the stuff.  We had lots of name brand play dough, but it was just too hard for her to roll out and manipulate.  We needed a soft dough for her.  I had tried cook play dough before and I just wasn’t a fan.  It just took too long to make and then we had to wait till it cooled off.  I needed something that came together real quick and something that she could help me make since she loves helping in the kitchen.  I then came across a no cook play dough and decided to give it a try.


Play dough cupcakes and cookies were made!  This dough is so easy to manipulate and she can easily roll out the dough.  I don’t have to stand there rolling it out constantly for her now.  She likes to roll it into little balls and then smoosh them with the palm of her hand.  As she smashes it down she yells, “flat ball.”


Something else we have discovered is play dough mats.  Addie has so much fun with them.  I just print them off and then put them in a page protector so we can reuse them and the play dough doesn’t stick to it.  When we are done with it I just wipe them off.  You can laminate them also.



The play dough mat that she is using came from the web site 123 homeschool 4 me.  We are doing the letter D this week.  If you check out my Pinterest play dough board you can find other play dough mats.

Here is the recipe:

2 cups flour

1 cup salt

1 Tbsp.  oil

1/2 to 1 cup water

Food coloring

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl.  You want to add in the water slowly and mix while you are doing it.  I made the mistake of adding too much water the first time.  The dough was way too sticky!  This recipe also makes a lot.  You can half the recipe to make more than one color or what I did was mix all the dry ingredients and the oil together in a bowl.  I then divided the mixture into two bowls.  I then added food coloring to each mix and then put in about 1/2 cup into each bowl.  Mix and knead the dough.  I liked separating to make two colors and it seemed to be just the right amount for play.

The play dough will last a couple weeks so you don’t have to worry about making more right away and it is safe to eat.  Ethan quickly found out it really doesn’t taste good.